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Plans available:

Normal plan: 50 N$ 
Post normal content 
2 Advertisements on Facebook. 
Available up to 1,000 Download. 

Plan Weekly: 100 N$
Post normal content 
2 Advertisements on Facebook during the week. 
1 Advertising on Instagram 
Featured two weeks on site (Sidebar) 
Available to Download 2000. 

Monthly Plan: 150 N$
normal content Post. 
4 Advertisements on Facebook during the month. 
1 Publication Sponsored Facebook. 
2 Advertising on Instagram. 
1 Cover photo featured as the Facebook page. 
Featured on the site of the slide. 
Monthly featured on the site (Header) 
Available to Download 3,000.

Event advertising: 20 N$
1 advertising on the site. 
1 Advertising on Facebook. 
1 Advertising on Instagram.
Payment methods:  
It is addressed to the nearest Bank of himself and make the deposit amount, or goes to the one Multicaixa or ATM, nearest to you and make transfer of value through our IBAN, which will be useful as payment of the publication as the chosen plane.

Available banks: 
FNB Namibia
Name: Kasanga N.J.
Account number N$: 62247628136 
Location:   Marintal
eWallet "Filipe Massozi Nguendjo Valle": 0817562075

Bank BPC Angola
Name: Filipe Massozi Nguenjo
Akz account number: 0523-N69935-011 
IBAN number: AO06001005230236993501111 

After the deposit or value transfer, you need to send us a picture of the scanned or taken invoice via a mobile device with high visibility of the data that will be useful as confirmation of payment, done so, you can send for our WhatsApp (+264812935328) next to the song or our e-mail: |

Shipping content:
Send music or link hosted on any server upload as Zippyshare, Dopefile, Rapidshare, through our email: | or even by our WhatsApp (+264812935328) near the music cover, we always recommend a cover with quality and good resolution "800x600" for higher yield, without forgetting the credentials of music (Artist, Title, Category, Release Year).
Upon completion of the music submission process, wait 24 hours and stay tuned to the blog and our facebook page we will publish when available.
NOTE: Please be patient. 

Phone: +264817562075 [Call us Monday through Friday from 08 hr 00 to 20 hr 00] 
Facebook Page:  Valle Musik - Blog

Valle Musik - Blog

O site foi lançado ao ar oficialmente em 2015, por um jovem estudante angolano, que assume diariamente o compromisso com profissionalismo de informar, entreter e deixar a par e passo os seus leitores sobre o que acontece no mundo a tempo real através de pesquisas.

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